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IMI Guidance videos

IMI have created a series of How to Guide videos covering IMI systems for the IMI Centre Network.  Topics include navigation, staff and user set up, registration of candidates and claiming of certifications.

IMI How to Guide

Below you will find step-by-step guides to using the IMI Centre systems including Web Portal 2 and Centres Hub. Click on each video to watch the topical guide.

1. Accessing Centres Hub for
the first time

2. Navigating Centres Hub

3. Completing the centre approval application form

4. Uploading documents into Centres Hub

5. Creating new users on the Centres Hub

6. Add a new staff member on the Centres Hub

7. Activating a staff account for the IMI Awarding website

8. Linking a staff member to qualifications within Centres Hub

9. Navigating Web Portal 2

10. Making Batch Registrations
in Web Portal 2

11. Registering candidates via spreadsheet

12. Making batch certificate claims