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Jobs at IMI


Working with the IMI

IMI are looking for Item Writers/Authors to work with the Product Development Team in the development of online questions and assessments for newly developed Apprenticeship Standards. The role will involve participating in an author training workshop followed by attendance at specific item writing workshops. As an Item Writer/Author you will receive £200 per day and any travel and subsistence expenses will also be reimbursed.

If you would like to be involved and you have the necessary knowledge and skills in one of the subject areas listed below, please visit and enter the redeem code published next to your subject area below (please enter the code exactly as it appears below). Please then follow the on-screen instructions to redeem and gain access to the Author Application Assessment relevant to your subject area. If you successfully pass the Author Application Assessment a member of the Product Development Team will contact you to discuss the next steps. Please do not send copies of your CV or a cover letter to us as this assessment is the only application method.

The routes we are currently looking to recruit Item Writers/Authors are:

  • Level 3 Heavy Vehicle redeem code: to follow
  • Level 2 & 3 Soft Skills (Parts, Sales, Customer Service) redeem code: ME95TU3ZLN
  • Level 3 Accident Repair – MET redeem code: P4E7CKTXUA
  • Level 3 Accident Repair – Panel/Body redeem code: ANKQC6RDZP
  • Level 3 Accident Repair – Paint/Refinishing redeem code: 9NQ5GKXDZC

We will be recruiting for the routes below very soon so please keep checking back:

  • Level 2 Land-based Engineering redeem code: coming soon
  • Level 3 Bus & Coach redeem code: coming soon